Stuttering De-Mystified

Whether you are preschool age or an adult, today’s guest has invaluable insights that help you feel accepted for who you are.  She has been where you might be now and wants to help you and others gain confidence, enjoy life, and live it to its fullest.



Lori Melinsky MA CCC-SLP, has specialized in stuttering for over 25 years for children and adults. She founded All Island Speech and Stuttering Therapy and is now online in NY, NJ, CT, and PA. Lori is a person who stutters and entered the field to help others communicate. She has run National Stuttering Association Chapter meetings and taught graduate courses on stuttering. She is a sought -after speaker at local school districts and speech associations on the topics of stuttering and ADHD. Lori is also Lidcombe trained, Prompt Certified, MPI 2 certified for stuttering, and an ADHD coach. Additionally, Lori founded the Facebook group and podcast ‘Stuttering De-Mystified’. Lori was also a mentor on an episode of the Children’s show Arthur and is a published author in the Journal of Fluency Disorders.


Discussion Points/Time Stamps:

  • Who is Lori Melinsky 2:49
  • The journey begins 3:17
  • On a mission 7:26
  • Available services 10:38
  • Tips for controlling stuttering 16:06
  • Reaching out for support 19:10


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