Our Approach

New Horizen provides a catalyst for positive sustained change in specific facets of life so that you can ultimately reach your full potential.

The approach taken is both engaging and compelling.  Every client is different so while the approach is the same, the methodology used is specific to the client.  Packages are available as well as individual, group and customized plans.

The Backstory of New Horizen

Have you ever known what you wanted but not how to get it?  That is the problem I faced going to college.  I was definitely going, but the one I had gotten accepted to was one I couldn’t financially afford so I went to a local community college.  I knew what “kind of job” I wanted, I knew what I wanted to major in but not the ‘ins and outs’ of the business world.  I had worked part time but I REALLY didn’t know how to put a resume together or go through a professional interview.  I didn’t know about dressing for success let alone dressing to impress.  I don’t recall having a guidance counselor in high school because I went to a college preparatory school where EVERYONE was expected to go to college.   I definitely made mistakes along the way.  However, with the help of a friend who happened to work in the college’s job placement center, I received mentoring and guidance that led me to my a successful 36-year career as a civil servant.  I vowed to continually learn and grow as well as reach back and help others which I continued to do for the duration of my college and career.

I attribute my success not only from that experience but also from my knack for asking questions and self-learning.  I volunteered to assist fellow employees, managers, executives, other civil servants, veterans as well as high school students and sometimes their recently laid off parents.  Through the years, I’ve had a 98% success rate assisting individuals and groups maneuver through the multitude of  life’s challenges and opportunities.

I served as a federal coach since 2010 and became a certified life coach in 2016.  Since 1982, I’ve been providing interview skills and support and resume reviews as well as training groups of individuals.

As a new business venture in 2017, my goal is to offer services designed to incrementally increase your visibility and sharpen your skills while focusing on your strengths in order to achieve more of what you want in life.

My expertise:

  • life coaching/business and career coaching for –
    • middle-schoolers, high school and college students,
    • veterans transitioning from military life,
    • baby boomers experiencing career transitions and challenges,
    • multi-generational managers,
    • those aspiring to be managers and/or executives

Meet the Coach

Hi!  I consider myself a world-traveler since my dad was a career military officer.  We moved almost every year until my teens and then it was every three years.  In addition to my command of the English language, I spoke French and German, eventually learned Latin and served as a French translator during high school. I eventually grew to appreciate the experience and exposure which has become invaluable in my adult life.

You can also check me out on the Noomii Coach Directory and the International Association of Professional Coaches Directory

Sandra Hill

Founder & CEO

Ironically, I continue to travel with friends and family and love the outdoors.  I took up gardening (vegetables) and have become an avid race-walker.  I like to learn and grow as a person, so I am always busy nurturing a new habit or hidden talent as well.

Next Steps…

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