Courtesy of the International Association of Professional Life Coaches (IAPLC)

Written by 11 expert coaches, all members of the IAPLC, each co-author has written a chapter about how their coaching can help you live the life you want. They include examples of, transformations, results, and techniques that their clients have experienced to achieve the success and happiness they desire. My chapter is the first:
“How to Survive and Thrive at Today’s Version of the Game of Life TM


  • How a Growth-mindset can change the meaning of failure
  • The coach’s super power for engineering client change
  • How retreats can give rise to awareness, genius, and inspiration while detoxifying stress
  • Empowerment techniques can help you control eating disorders
  • How coaching can reduce stress and anxiety, help you find yourself, and gain self-confidence
  • Strategies to live the life you want to create while you’re creating it
  • How to replace your limited beliefs and habits with extraordinary ones using NLP techniques
  • How a Spiritual Life Source coach can take you to a place of truth, wellness and wholeness
  • Personal growth weekly exercises that can expand yourself and your client base

Learn how a coach can help you improve your life, change your career, or increase your business revenue. Each chapter gives the coaching to help you overcome obstacles, meet and solve challenges, and allow your personal growth to enhance your life.