Make the REST of your Life, the BEST of your Life

June is known as Men’s Health Month.  With Father’s Day approaching, today’s guest is raising awareness of men’s health on the cusp of May which was Mental Health Month.  With the escalation of mass shootings and gun violence, Denise provides alternative activities to help the male (youngster, teen or adult) make the rest of their life, the best of their life.



Today’s Guest, Denise Dickinson encourages people to attain their goals and achieve greater health one new disciplined habit at a time! Consistency over time- their lifetime- Is the key! As a Certified Health Coach, Denise awakens people to their ability to achieve optimal health through forming proactive habits and helping them overcome barriers to better living with exceptional remote client service guiding people with knowledge and resources, enabling them to make informed choices for lifelong sustainable health transformation in weight management, prescription reduction and at times, disease reversal (A1C of under 6.5). Free Health Assessment and check-ins all may be scheduled via phone call, text, or email.


Discussion Points/Time Stamps:

  • Who is Denise Dickinson? 2:20
  • Topics of discussion 3:14
  • How to start the conversation 7:34
  • Teenage Boys and Guns 13:39
  • Signs/Triggers 15:11
  • Healthy Options 20:36
  • A Life Line 23:24
  • Mental Hotline Number 24:21
  • Contact Process 25:23
  • Healthy Tips 29:25
  • Cold/Iced/Room Temperature Water 31:22
  • July 4th Prep 37:16


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