Everyone wants to eat healthy these days but how do you know HOW?  What may be hindering your progress?  Who can you turn to for help?  Hopefully, this podcast will give you the answers to your questions.  So, just take a listen.



Danyalle Youngers is a wife, mom of 5, homeschooling them all, and Coach. Her struggles with parenting, while fighting Depression and Anxiety, and a yet unknown Food Addiction, led her to a passion to partner with other Moms.


Danyalle works with clients who may be struggling with addiction, and/or mental illness, or just wanting to become the best mom possible for their children. She brings her compassion, experience, and training to each session and helps clients find the compassion and courage within. The results usually lead to clients connecting more fully and gaining compassion for herself, finding the courage to take the next steps, and being able to better connect with her children and others.


Discussion Points/Time Stamps:

  • What’s Danyalle’s story? 2:07
  • Food Addiction, Demystified 5:50
  • We have options 10:13
  • Food Addiction vs Health Issues 14:56
  • Making Changes 19:47
  • Mindful eating 23:38



Email: www.newhorizencoaching.com/contact  OR shillcplc@gmail.com


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