Mind the Gap!

When I traveled to London recently, I took the TUBE (London’s equivalent of a very speedy transit system or subway).  I continually heard the call “Mind the Gap!”.  As it turned out, there is a gap between the trains and the platform that passengers stand on.  In fact, there is such a gap in most major cities having trains and subways.  The fact that in London there is the constant shouting of the warning was intriguing to me and I have found that the warning can be applied to many of our everyday activities.  For example:

  • How often do you find yourself checking the staples in your pantry prior to going to the grocery store?
  • How many times do we continually glance at our automobiles dash or window sticker to ensure we don’t go over the specified mileage for warranty maintenance?
  • How often do we assess our children’s closet to get rid of clothes and shoes too small in order to determine what is needed for the next school year?

I could go on and on about such activities but it bears considering — how often do we assess our job skills and behaviors to ascertain we are going in the right direction with our life/career?

Take the necessary time to assess your life’s goals by making a list…that is right, WRITE THINGS DOWN.  How do your actions line up?  What are you spending your time doing?  Where are you spending the majority of your time (with family, friends, significant others…)  Do you have balance in your life or are you busy being busy??

Just a thought…Mind the Gap!