Know Thyself

Soft Skills.  Have you heard this term before?  Some might know it as “people skills” but according to Wikipedia, soft skills are really a combination of people, social and communication skills as well as character traits, attitudes, career attributes and emotional intelligence. Regardless of what you call them, not acknowledging and understanding these soft skills can lead to stress, anxiety, health problems and the uncomfortableness of being super self-conscience.

We aren’t born with self-awareness but it begins to emerge as early as 18 months according to researchers and psychologists.  So, you would think that as adults we would have mastered our understanding of being self-aware.  But have we?  Have you?  Self-awareness seems to show up at various times depending on your personality and what situation you happen to be in.

Think of a recent situation where you have been uncomfortable.  What would you have liked to change about that situation?  What emotions did you feel?  How would you have preferred to feel?  Do you REALLY know yourself?

If you don’t like the answers you come up with, only you can take the steps to change them.