LIFE as an Adventure

Take a journey, no, an adventure that will be like no other.  It’s a journey about life.  Your attitude and mindset have everything to do with how you will get there.  Where is there?  Wherever GOD happens to lead you.



Kris Castro is a change agent for others and now, herself.  She has been supporting senior leaders to help them achieve their visions and long-Term goals.  Kris is an Executive Coach, Trainer, Facilitator with over 20+ years in such industries as HR, advertising and marketing, food and beverages, real estate, career services, education as well as youth and health services organizations.

Kris has authored 5 books and developed numerous professional growth programs that helped individuals view change as an adventure, not as a struggle.


Discussion Points/Time Stamps:

  • Who is Kris Castro 2:13
  • The Adventure Mindset 4:57
  • “Handling it” 11:17
  • Preparing, Pruning & Growing 15:30
  • Writing the Book 25:17
  • Learned Lessons 27:45
  • The Many Blessings 35:03
  • GOD’s Promises 41:09