I’m Possible

Sometimes the most unlikely person IS the person, the expert. So, it is with guest Pat “Packman” Buttitta who shares how he came out of his comfort zone to find that anything and everything is possible when you put your trust in what God has planned for you.



Pat “Packman” Buttitta is a dog behavior and rehabilitation specialist in New Jersey, and founder of Packman to the Rescue, K9 Solutions & Coaching. He was terrified of dogs for 28 years, until one day, he was forced to face his fears. While working to overcome his fears completely, Pat discovered Cesar Millan’s show, The Dog Whisperer. The show taught him many things, especially how to understand dog psychology. Pat applied what he’d learned by volunteering at local animal shelters, and by doing so, he discovered a passion and talent for helping troubled dogs. In 2014, determined to help as many dogs and families as possible, Pat left his 16-year career in financial services to dedicate his life to working with dogs.


Discussion Points/Time Stamps:

  • Who is “Packman” 2:26
  • His Superpower 4:37
  • GOD Spelled Backward 5:09
  • Hobby Turned Professional 11:20
  • Gotta Have Faith and Patience 13:57
  • THE Podcast 16:42
  • Teaching Dog Psychology and Language 17:53
  • Dog/People Match Ups 24:09
  • Final Tips 33:36


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