Don’t Let Others Detour You From Your Path

‘Health does not choose the people…we choose to be healthy.’

Listen as Denise shares what YOU can do and what YOU should not do. Denise shares her health journey through mis-diagnosis and lucky, she came out on the other side with a mission…to help us all stick to a healthy path.



Today’s Guest, Denise Dickinson encourages people to attain their goals and achieve greater health one new disciplined habit at a time! Consistency over time- their lifetime- Is the key! As a Certified Health Coach, Denise awakens people to their ability to achieve optimal health through forming proactive habits and helping them overcome barriers to better living with exceptional remote client service guiding people with knowledge and resources, enabling them to make informed choices for lifelong sustainable health transformation in weight management, prescription reduction and at times, disease reversal (A1C of under 6.5). Free Health Assessment and check-ins all may be scheduled via phone call, text, or email.


Discussion Points/Time Stamps:

  • Who is Denise Dickinson? 4:29
  • How the healthy journey began 7:22
  • Working/Sharing Information with Others 17:24
  • FREE Health Assessments 18:59
  • The family that takes care of their health together…. 26:47


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