Healed from the Inside Out

Our mind can play tricks on us. Compound that with trauma and abuse can be a deadly combination. And, it almost was for today’s guest.  Had it not been for a walk to contemplate suicide, we might never have known how to get healed from the inside out.



Paula Bohland is an award-winning motivational speaker, author, and master business and mindset coach. She is known as the ‘Million Dollar Maker’ coach since she regularly coaches women entrepreneurs to build their business to one million dollars and beyond in a year’s time.

Paula is on a mission to help others co-create the business, income, lifestyle, and joy they dream about with the message, “you are never too old and it’s never too late.”  She overcame severe childhood abuse and poverty, depression, and suicidal ideation. Paula paid off more than $500,000 in debt as a single mom, rebuilding her life from the inside out in her late 40’s. She reconnected with God, her inner power, and has attracted a phenomenal life, financial freedom, and lives her calling of helping others reach their highest potential.


Discussion Points/Time Stamps:

  • Who is Paula Bohland 3:27
  • That Transformational Moment 5:42
  • Coaching Begins 10:24
  • Beyond Broke and Broken 12:11
  • A Mindset Change 17:25
  • Some Advice 25:54


Contact Information:




Email: www.newhorizencoaching.com/contact  OR shillcplc@gmail.com


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