Speaking from Within – Overcoming a Public Speaking Phobia

There are times when we all get lost for words but what do you do when you have a fear of speaking in public?  What do you do when you muster up the courage to try only to face ridicule, embarrassment, and more pain?  Today’s guest has been there and overcome and wants to share tips that you might use to reduce, if not eliminate, that fear.



Izolda Trakhtenberg believes innovation isn’t just about the latest fad.  It’s about creative thinking, communication, and mindful actions. This refreshing approach has made her a sought-after speaker, educator, and coach for creatives and business leaders.

For years, Izolda traveled the world as a NASA Master Trainer transforming people’s perspectives on planet Earth. She’s released four books on communication, collaboration, and self-improvement. Nowadays you’ll find her speaking at conferences, looking for the next great ocean beach, or singing for hundreds of people — all while interviewing peak performers on creative leadership, ethical innovation, and mindfulness on her hit podcast, The Innovative Mindset.


Discussion Points/Time Stamps:

  • Who is Izolda Trakhtenberg 2:27
  • The phobia 3:06
  • The overcoming 6:33
  • Speaking from within 11:09
  • Workshop Info 14:40
  • Helpful Technique 17:09
  • Another Tip 20:49
  • The 3 C’s 22:49


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