Grow in Confidence to Go Confidently

Today’s guest is the epitome of confidence although she wasn’t always that way. Overtime though, she recognized the women were harder on themselves then men. She found the courage to take that leap to develop habits that grew her confidence and motivated her to tackle her dreams. And, best of all, you can too.



Julie helps entrepreneurs increase confidence and transform lives. She is passionate about helping women and organizations find success and serves as a coach, speaker, and consultant. Julie pegs herself as a diligent self-starter, constant learner, and enthusiastic networker.

As a coach, Julie also helps navigate through the real or perceived real obstacles in the way, allowing people to analyze their current mindset, devise a viable doable plan while having someone in their corner, cheering them on, and holding them accountable for what they want for themself.

Julie is also the co-host of the popular Casa DeConfidence podcast.


Discussion Points/Time Stamps:

  • The journey begins 3:03
  • The intersection of passion and gifts 7:09
  • Opportunity knocks 8:49
  • Choices, choices, choices 15:42
  • The steps 19:02
  • Big tip 1 22:30
  • Go confidently 25:55
  • “Confident You” 26:31
  • Big tip 2 28:27


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