Facing Everything And Rise

What would you do if your sense of calm was rattled…you felt stressed and anxious all the time…were depressed??? It might shock you what today’s guest did but listened carefully as she outlines the process that she took to Face Everything And Rise!



Rebecca Hansen is an Ideation Coach. That is, she helps entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life and supports them in developing solutions so that they can:

– capture the right ideas for their success

– connect with their ideal audience

– close more deals


By accessing their creative and reflective space, she guides them through brainstorming sessions, which include:

– pinpointing their pain points and producing solutions to them

– preparing the implementation and pledging to act via an action plan


Discussion Points/Time Stamps:

  • Rebecca’s journey 2:30
  • Overcoming fears 5:12
  • Dealing with setbacks 8:23
  • Ideation Coaching 14:33
  • Mapping (the Process)/Tips 16:11
  • Offerings 21:55
  • Reality Check 22:29
  • Words of wisdom 26:55


Social Media

    • Instagram: @Iamrebeccahansen



Email: www.newhorizencoaching.com/contact




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