Post Chemo: Eating and Living Healthier

It happened!  You got that potentially fatal “C” word.  You survive the many doses of chemotherapy and possibly much more but now what?  Today’s guest will share what has worked for him and thousands of others who chose to eat and live a healthier lifestyle.



Gregory Halpen is the recipe creator, cook, photographer and writer behind “Eating After Chemo”, a food blog geared towards teaching its readers how to recreate comfort food for life after chemo.

Gregory holds an Associates in Science Degree in psychology and Bachelor of Arts Degree in psychology as well as an Empowerment Coach certification from Coach Training Alliance.


Discussion Points/Time Stamps:

  • The cancer journey 4:23
  • Cancer and your genes 8:15
  • Turning eating challenges around 10:12
  • The birth of the foodie blog 12:26
  • Food challenges 18:55
  • Healthy eating benefits 24:55
  • A healthy lifestyle 28:04


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