We All Have The Power To Transform Our Lives

Have you ever gotten sick and tired of being sick and tired?  That’s what happened to today’s guest who found out the you and I all have the power to transform our lives…if we want to.



Mandy Alexis was a functioning cocaine addict for 16 years and is now 3 years clean. Her relationship with drugs started way before that though. At 12, she tried weed for the first time, by the time she was 14-15, she was experimenting with mushrooms and acid and by the age of 16, ecstasy was added to the list, all these mixed with alcohol.

Today, she has completely reinvented herself – her mind, body heart and soul and is now a successful entrepreneur.  She recently moved to Costa Rica and wants to share her story, experience and tools, on how she got from there to here.


Discussion Points/Time Stamps:

  • Mandy’s backstory 2:16
  • The journey 3:24
  • The adventure   6:07
  • Here to help 11:58
  • The healing 14:05
  • Next stage 17:57


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