The Transformative Power of Love

Do you have the inclination to burn the candle at both ends, thinking that you are not valued enough, you are not doing enough?  You are your own worse enemy as you try to make it in the corporate landscape.  But stop…no more.  It’s time for you to learn the transformative power of love.



Sharonda Michell has inspired women, and a few courageous men around the globe, with her powerful soul-stirring approach to living life with an open heart.  She accepted her calling as the Transformational Love LeadHer, and because of her coaching and programs, she teaches high achievers how to separate their worth from their work and thrive on who they are without desiring outer praise.  As creator of the It’s all EFFING GOOD TM framework, she helps professionals and business leaders come out of their heads and into their hearts so that they are ready to receive the life they long for.   As a soon-to-be author of And So She Speaks: Your Go-To Guide to Accept & Own Your Radiant Truth, she hopes to shine her light for other women so that they too can find their voices and self-love, just as she found hers.


Discussion Points/Time Stamps:

  • Who is Sharonda Michell  2:29
  • Pandemic Impacts 5:29
  • Owning the seat of my own heart 6:27
  • The “how” 12:32
  • And so, she speaks 18:47
  • Nuggets of wisdom 22:54


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