The Globetrotting Mama

As travel has started to increase after a COVID-induced lull, you might be wondering how to safely travel for work or leisure.  Or you might be waiting for a post-COVID time to travel and are planning now and looking for some tips.  Find out how to make travel less stressful for work or play as well as how my guest got the name – Globetrotting Mama.


Heather Greenwood Davis is a Contributing Writer and on-air storyteller for National Geographic and a Feature Writer with The Globe and Mail. Her work appears regularly in a host of national and international publications.

The popular media personality appears on television stations across North America. She is the resident travel expert on The Social – a national daily lifestyle show – and co-host of Get, Set, Go!

Heather believes in travel as a change agent, and has shared insights in university classrooms, at conferences and at trade gatherings hosted by TravMedia, US Travel Association, Destination Canada, SATW and others.

Her words and opinions have been featured in O Magazine and on NPR.

Heather is also the voice behind – an international, family travel blog that features the adventures she takes with (and without) her husband Ish and their two sons, Ethan and Cameron.

Discussion Points/Time Stamps:

  • Who is Heather Greenwood Davis 3:31
  • Traveling around the world 5:19
  • Wearing the mom-hat 9:13
  • Language 9:44
  • Globe-Trotting Mama begins 13:57
  • COVID 16:39
  • Travel and Leisure Writing 20:34
  • Contact Information 31:17
  • Up Next 31:57
  • The future of traveling 33:23