The Empowered Educator

Whether we like it or not, we are all teachers.  How we handle the teaching activity is vastly different, especially if we don’t acknowledge it or feel well-equipped.  Listen to today’s speaker as she provides the necessary tools for parents, leaders and teachers.



Presenter and author Jen Rafferty started her teaching career as a middle school teacher in Central New York for 15 years. She founded Empowered Educator in 2020 as a response to teacher burnout during the pandemic. Jen is known for bringing her energy, humor and expertise in her presentations while inspiring educators to stay connected to their “why.” She is a certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner and is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology.

Since its inception, Empowered Educator has reached teachers and school leaders all over the world. Jen is the host of the podcast Take Notes and has been featured in Authority Magazine, Medium, Thrive Global, VoyageMIA and will be speaking on the TedX in October 2022.


Discussion Points/Time Stamps:

  • Who is Jen Rafferty 1:58
  • The educator mindset 3:35
  • Leaning into fear  7:57
  • The stress response 11:02
  • Embodying the work of an educator 13:18
  • Convincing others 15:52
  • Coming full circle 18:46
  • Tips 21:21
  • What’s next 22:03
  • Parting words 23:10


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