Love Conquers All

There is something to the saying “Truth Hurts”.  Today’s guest shares how negativity is a lie, that the only truth is positivity.  Did you know when someone lies to you, you body aches and biologically speaking, your cells hurt.  However, love is the key.  Listen to the podcast so you too can make the necessary adjustments to heal.



Dr. Catherine Athans’ mission is to unlock, encourage, and coach others to realize the power within so that a person can manifest your wildest dreams.  She is a licensed transpersonal psychotherapist, speaker, author, and metaphysics expert who holds a doctorate in clinical psychology and health psychology. She’s a protégé of the late Very Reverend Harold G. Plume—a world-renowned psychic surgeon, healer, and trans-medium. Dr. Athans has contributed to Stanford University Center for Research in Disease Prevention, as well as SRI International Department of Behavioral Medicine.


Discussion Points/Time Stamps:

  • Who is Dr. Catherine Athans 2:23
  • The backstory 6:36
  • Introduction to a better life 17:42
  • How it all works 20:17
  • Getting past the negativity 22:54
  • Sadomasochistic personality disorder 24:46
  • What’s next 27:16
  • Love I am 30:00


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