Step Out of Your Drama

Parents want the best things for their children – usually.  Sometimes though, as you become of age, you have to grow, spread your wings and learn how to step out of your drama.  Today’s special guest shares her journey of doing just that.



Jenny is a teacher of 20 years. She is inspired to help women be aware of their own self-care after a realization of how her own lack of self-care had put her in the wrong path. After a few taxing life events, years of self-separation, postpartum depression and divorce, life directed her on the path of self-care and self-discovery. She uncovered her connection to happiness and inspiration through her morning routines and self-care embodiment. Jenny is now on the journey of guiding other women to heal and reconnect with their dignified and highest selves through morning rituals and self-care.


Discussion Points/Time Stamps:

  • Who is Jenny Lee? 2:25
  • Cultural Issues 5:13
  • Rebellion 12:04
  • Healing 16:58
  • Freeing Yourself 22:18
  • The RIGHT Mindset 28:53


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