Love Conquers All

What do some people do when they have lemons?  They make lemonade and the glass is not half empty, it’s full.  That is what today’s guest did when faced with government bureaucracy, trying to find answers to critical issues.  And she doesn’t want others to re-create so she shares not just her knowledge but also her answers with others.  It’s not perfect but she has learned to hunker down, acknowledge her misgivings and just do it!  It might sound like a cliché, but Love does conquer all… Love Rutledge that is!



Love Rutledge has a day job in the Federal Government with the Department of Defense (21 years).  In her spare time, she delivers weekly podcasts as the host of the Fed Upward Podcast. She is also the proud mother of two children.


Discussion Points/Time Stamps:

  • Who is Love Rutledge 2:09
  • The challenges 4:08
  • Starting a podcast 7:51
  • “Just do it” 11:17
  • Helping others 13:49
  • Coaching 19:53





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