Eating to Live / Not Living to Eat!

Life or death?  Which would YOU choose?   Our guest chose live and made changes IMMEDIATELY.  No doctor, no special diet just her faith, determination and diligence.  Hear her share how in 6 months, she lost 65 pounds and 5 dress sizes.  Hear her share her simple formula of moving from an unhealthy lifestyle full of unhealthy habits to a more healthy one. Anna Faith Smith is on a mission to assist and encourage because she doesn’t want anyone else to have the fear of death knocking on their door just because they might have been using their fork and knife as instruments of destruction.



Anna Faith Smith is from the picturesque island of New Providence located in The Commonwealth of The Bahamas. The proud mother of two beautiful God-fearing adult daughters, Anna Faith is a charismatic, optimistic, inspirational, faith driven woman. As a motivational speaker she uses her trials and triumphs unashamedly to bring forth messages of hope and healing.

After working in the Financial Sector in The Bahamas for 35 years she retired in May 2011. She is currently in full-time ministry as an Evangelist.

Anna Faith is a faith walker and as such her journey to a healthier lifestyle began April 20, 2020, during a near death experience. Since her health scare and miraculous healing, Anna Faith embraces her new mantra which is “I am no longer living to eat, now I am eating to live”. Her wellness journey can be deemed both miraculous and practical. Anna Faith believes that with knowledge, determination and consistency anyone can live a happier, healthier, wealthier life.


Discussion Points/Time Stamps:

  • Anna Faith Smith begins her journey 3:01
  • The ‘awakening within’ 17:08
  • Motivation 26:31
  • Letting Go 35:26
  • Accountability 40:31
  • Next Steps 42:17



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