FORWARD: Envision It. Map It. Get It.


Have you ever had a vision yet faced all kinds of obstacles?  Today’s guest has had many impactful visions but this one is different. Listen as “The Teaching Coach” shares invaluable information that you can begin using today.


A New Jersey native, Kellye Jones received a BA from the University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill and was an undergraduate Teacher’s Assistant for Speech. She also holds a Master of Education from Liberty University.  During semester breaks, she taught for the Newark Board of Education and has earned multimodal teaching/ coaching certificates from UNC-CH Teach for Autism and is a Certified Life Coach Institute. Kellye Jones authored John & Suzie, FORWARD SOLID Pathways to Achieve Your Goal, and one-third of Cendant Hotels’ previous Franchise Operations Manual.

After 10 or so years of research, Kellye Jones discusses her latest venture that will help us all embrace our new reality as we collectively work to get to the other side of this global pandemic known as COVID-19 and other social, physical and cognitive negative functions.

Discussion Points/Time Stamps:

  • Who is Kellye Jones 5:05
  • Niche Landing 6:01
  • Realization technique 9:50
  • Engagement beginnings 11:42
  • The teaching coach 21:15
  • Forward focus 27:20
  • Embrace your reality 32:30 (what keeps us from moving forward)