Confidence is Key

The world seems to be in a state of constant change and unpredictability.  Life goes on though and how are we to deal with it?  Today’s guest has the answers.  Listen to the podcast to get some short wins as you learn how and why confidence is key.



Heather Jones is a native New Yorker who now resides in Alabama with her wonderful husband and two beautiful children. She’s a life-long lover of books, animals, and creating. Heather is a certified life coach who has taken the long route with many exciting endeavors on her way here. At 18 she joined the Army, met her husband, and after serving 6 years exited the military. Early on she studied baking and pastry arts which she happily implements in her own kitchen for her friend’s and family’s benefit. She entered the entrepreneurial world officially as an Etsy shop owner and over time, while enjoyable, she realized there was something more she wanted to do and that is when she found her passion to inspire and empower others. That is where she found coaching.


Discussion Points/Time Stamps:

  • Heather is…. 2:53
  • Building Confidence 3:01
  • The signs 5:49
  • Short Wins 8:17
  • How to   9:27
  • 12-week program 13:02
  • Demo 13:26
  • Debrief 33:27
  • What coaching is/isn’t 34:28
  • The confidence journey 38:00



3 things you can do to quiet your inner critic


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