Keeping the Love Burning

What’s love got to do with it…with anything?  Today’s special guest answer is: a-lot.  So, listen and learn!



Kim Kendall-De Silva helps moms bring the romance and spark back to their relationship –  like it was when they first started dating. Her clients work with her to feel loved and reconnected with their partners.

With a background in lecturing Latin American History and Spanish she also enjoys working with women in cross-cultural relationships or with those who are using Spanish as a tool to connect with family and community members.⁣


Discussion Points/Time Stamps:

  • Who is Kim Kendal De Silva? 3:04
  • The dynamics of a good relationship 4:36
  • Five areas of focus 7:21
  • The process and possible hiccups 12:21
  • Tips 15:12
  • Texting and video chat impact 19:52
  • Role Reversals 22:06


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