Healthy Lifestyle Transitions

Everyone seems to be trying to get healthy these days.  It might be because of a medical diagnosis.  You might want to get into a favorite outfit, gain control of your life, play with your kids or grandkids.  Whatever the reason, it is never too late.  But what IS healthy?  Do you have to be a vegan?  What is the difference between being a vegan and being a vegetarian?  What do you do if you are a ‘meatatarian’?  Here’s the million dollar question –  what exactly is a healthy lifestyle?


Minister Eveleaner Grant is like many of us.  She is a wife, mother and also a domestic violence advocate. She shares her journey to a healthy lifestyle that many of us seek.  It was not always easy, and Minister Grant doesn’t hold back as she shares challenges and tips.  Listen as she can help you or other family members obtain that seemingly unobtainable healthy lifestyle.

You can start anytime. This episode is for men and women, the young and the old.

Discussion Points/Time Stamps:

  • Who is Eveleaner Grant                                                :53
  • What’s a Vegan? What’s a Vegetarian?                     1:57
  • Sharing the journey?                                                     3:24
  • The vegan journey                                                          4:04
  • The vegetarian journey                                                 5:01
  • Did you know>>>?                                                          6:18
  • The impact of a healthy lifestyle                                  8:13
  • Tips                                                                                     9:20
  • What’s in the water?                                                       27:35
  • Cooking                                                                              28:00
  • Shopping suggestions                                                     27:44
  • Reading the labels                                                           30:00
  • References                                                                         37:00
  • Myths dispelled                                                                41:38

Resources (Books):

  • The China Study (T. Colin Campbell/Thomas M. Campbell)
  • Fork over Knife
  • The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Plant Based Nutrition

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